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**Blog Tour & Review** HER COWBOY CASANOVA by Kate McGuinness


Title: Her Cowboy Casanova
Author: Kate McGuinness
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: April 2014
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Dylan Jacobson has had every girl he has ever wanted for as long as he can remember. Growing up in the small town of Peppersville, VA, and the only child of one of the most influential families in the area, he is a star to everyone he knows. Now that he is building the life that he has always wanted, surrounded by family and friends, he realizes only one thing is missing. 

That is until Lorrie Cambridge drives into town. After the recent death of her mother due to cancer, she decides to find out who she is without her loved ones by her side. With her car packed and a map at hand, she sets her sights on her ultimate goal, a new life for herself in a new home. Only her plans don't include a man and all the temptations they provide, even if they are sexy and irresistible. Will the change of scenery and a new start at life be enough to open her heart to the possibilities? Or will Mother Nature intervene and steal their only hope of true happiness?

My Review

Lorrie was on a journey to discover who she is. She has been so busy over the last few years taking care of her mom that she never had a life of her own. Now that her mother has passed, Lorrie needs to figure out who she is and what she wants out of life.

In order to do that, Lorrie needs to leave behind her hometown and start fresh. New town, new job, new people, new life.

What better way to decide on a destination then to let fate decide for you. With her finger on the map, and her destination set in place, Lorrie is set on her new adventure into her new life.

Fate is what lead Lorrie to Peppersville. A small cowboy town where everyone knows everyone and the latest gossip is the talk of the town.

Dylan is a sexy cowboy who loves the ladies and whom the ladies love. He’s never been the settlin’ down type and has never put too much thought into finding “the one.” He has his pick of the ladies, all vying for his affection, which he is usually all too happy to provide. But when the new girl comes riding into town, she is all Dylan can focus on.

For once there is a woman who doesn’t bat her eye lashes and fall to his feet.

For once there is a woman with a sharp tongue who is all too happy to put him in his place when his ego gets too big.

For once there is a woman who captured his attention and won’t let it go.
I loved Dylan’s family, especially his mamma. She was such a sweet southern ranch mom and wife. I don’t know what it is about Ranchin’ books but I love them. I love the setting and the southern accents that they all talk with. I love the closeness the families usually have. This book did not disappoint in that respect.

Overall I liked the storyline. There wasn’t too much drama and the characters were all amazing. But for me, there was something missing. I’m not sure exactly what it was, it was a very insta-love book (which I’m usually ok with) but everything just happened so fast. It was like one minute they are having their first dinner together (with all the family and ranch hands) and then next he is claiming her as his “forever girl.”

I did love how fiercely Dylan loved Lorrie and I loved Lorrie’s sharp mouth and attitude. I just wish there was a bit more depth to the storyline. From the way it ended, I’m assuming there is going to be a second book, probably about Lorrie’s sister who seemed to starting a little romance of her own towards the end.

If you like a sexy cownboy who says “darlin’” a lot and is a bit possessive, then I would recommend this book to you.

★★☆ 3.5 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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About the Author

Kate McGuinness is a crazy klutz who lives with her character of a husband, who is always pulling her leg, and two fearless children, who strive to crack her sanity each day. She has always lived in the same town, but dreams of picking up and starting a new adventure somewhere different. While she waits for the pieces to fall into place, she lets her mind take her to places with her characters by her side. At the moment she has too many of them fighting to be heard, and cannot wait to begin each new journey of exploration. Some are tame while others have her worried she will be stepping into a world she never dreamed of entering. As always she is grateful and forever in your debt for your love and support during this exciting time in her life.

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