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**REVIEW** BREAKING ELLE by Antoinette Candela


Title: Breaking Elle (Break Me #1)
Author: Antoinette Candela
Genre: NA Romance
Publication Date: August 2013
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How is it that the one person who you have avoided is the same person who could give you true happiness?

When Elle Bennett meets Reed Austin she can't deny the attraction. She discovers that certain people come into your life who make you question everything that you've ever believed about love and life. Will she risk everything for something exciting and dangerous or will she choose what is familiar and secure? 

Reed Austin isn't looking for love when he moves to Boston. The distance was supposed to help him escape the trouble he left behind. Once he meets, Elle, everything changes. Reed can't figure out why he's drawn to Elle, but one thing is certain - he needs her.

Passion. Betrayal. Solace. Confusion. Desperation. 

Love and life are not simple and emotions and relationships are tested. Will attraction be enough or will their secrets and past keep them apart?

My Review

I kind of had conflicting feelings about this book. We've all read about the love triangle, well what about the love square? Yep, that’s what I said. One girl and three guys vying for her affection will have you swooning and wanting to punch something all at the same time.

First you have Elle, who is a young twenty two year old who has a lot on her plate with her family/home life. She has a good job and an amazing relationship with her boyfriend, Cane, of two years. She has a best friend, Tyler, who also happens to be in love with her but being her best friend for the last fourteen years, she has never seen him as anything other than a friend. And Tyler is ok with that (for the most part). Obviously he wants more with her but he understands that she doesn’t reciprocate the feelings. As long as he has her in his life, he is ok with that.

Sometimes you just can’t deny fate.
Literally tripping over Reed one night in a bar has Elle’s body responding and her heart hammering. And Reed, he’s never laid eyes on a more gorgeous girl in his life. She’s not only beautiful and wearing red (his favorite color) but there is something about her that draws him in and he can’t find it in himself to stay away.

I know your type, Reed.” 

“Oh, yeah, what type is that?” I smirk confidently. 

“You’re trouble.” I totally agree with her, but it still doesn’t change anything. It only makes me want her more.

From the second they meet, they are drawn to each other. The chemistry between Reed and Elle is undeniable and intense but being in a relationship with someone else sure does complicate things. Elle has learned about all the bad in relationships from her mom and what she has with Cane is good. She is happy with him and he fulfills what she needs. But what about what she desires? What will it take for her to give into her undeniable attraction to the new guy in town?

I turn away, fighting my body and its reaction to this man. I cannot deny that I felt something fantastic when he touched me.

Reed is a playboy. After losing a girl who he thought he loved he has given in to his old ways and now just enjoys the single life. He is arrogant and cocky. He is so full of himself its borderline annoying but when he is with Elle he changes. He is sweet and caring and the feelings he has for her run so deep and more intense than anything he has ever felt before. He knows she is “it” for him and he will not do anything to jeopardize what they are building.

But Reed has secrets. Secrets that he feels will rip everything he has with Elle away. He wants to come clean to her but doesn’t want to lose her. Unforeseen, circumstances have him going back to Texas for a bit and when he runs into his old college flame the attraction is still there and she is pulling out all the stops to have Reed give in. Will Reed stay true to Elle and his feeling for her or will his playboy ways return and will he give into temptation?

“I can’t explain what you do to me, but now that there’s this distance between us, I know. You’re it for me. I’m where I’m supposed to be, where I am meant to be, and I won’t screw this up. I can’t.”

Between his ex-girlfriend and his old enemies, Reeds visit to Texas was not what he was expecting and despite his efforts, it may have just costs him the one girl he has ever loved.

Elle knows Reed is keeping secrets. Hell, she has some of her own that she needs to tell him. But with the distance between them, her ex wanting her back, and a best friend who doesn’t seem to stop pursuing her, she is even more confused now than ever.

“I guess Cane was right about Tyler wanting something more with you. I could tell too, but damn Elle, this love triangle shirt is getting complicated. Or maybe it’s a square since you got three guys falling in love with you.”

Will Elle and Reed be able to find the peace they need in each other or are their pasts too strong for them to overcome? This is the first book in the series. Wanting Reed is the second and is available now.

Wanting Reed: Amazon

This is a great story with great characters for the most part.  Elle got to be kind of annoying at times and the back and forth between the three guys literally had my head in scrambles.  I'm not a fan of love triangles so that is the only reason I'm rating it a 3.5.  If you eliminated some of the back and forth between her three admirers I would have rated this book a strong 4 stars.  

★★☆ 3.5- 4 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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About the Author

Antoinette Candela was born and raised in Upstate New York and is an avid New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys fan. She moved to Boston in her twenties and attended Northeastern University to study Business Management. As a child, she enjoyed reading and writing and penned her first story at the age of thirteen. She has always had a vivid imagination and finally decided to put her thoughts and musings down on paper.Breaking Elle and Wanting Reed are her first self-published works with many more to come.
A few other interesting facts about Antoinette include: she is of Italian decent, has three brothers, was a tomboy growing up, plays the clarinet and dabbles with the piano. When she’s not planted in front of her computer writing, she can be found at the gym, running her kids around Boston, or at the beach soaking up the rays and enjoying a good book.

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