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Title: Forever (Time For Love Book 1)
Author: Miranda P. Charles
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: March 19, 2014
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Rebecca Andrews knew she was lucky to be hired as a private nurse for an elderly lady who was going on a one-month trip aboard a luxury cruise ship. But there was one big problem. The client was the grandmother of her ex-boyfriend--the guy she was still in love with, the guy who didn't love her back. 

Zach Carmichael couldn't say no to his grandmother's plea to join her on a month-long cruise for her eightieth birthday. But he didn't expect his spritely gran to bring two private nurses with her. One of them happened to be the woman who'd broken his heart--the one he believed lied to him about her feelings. 

Aboard a luxury liner, their passion for each other flared again. Was it just a temporary flame brought about by the romance of being on a cruise? How could they give love another chance when they were both afraid to put their hearts back on the line?

My Review

This is a good in between story. It’s light and fun and has a couple good sexy scenes.

Rebecca was in for a surprise as she joined her client on board a cruise ship for a month long working vacation. She is there to take care of the grandmother of her sexy multimillionaire ex-boyfriend.

What she wasn’t really expecting was for him, Zach Carmichael, to join in on the trip. Now she has to spend the next month trying to stay away from him because she knows that the second they are alone…she wont be able to keep her hands off of him.

And that is a very bad thing…

See 4 months ago, when they broke up, it shattered her.  She actually dumped him because he couldn’t quite return her true feelings for him. Not only that…he usually has an expiration date on his affairs. So before he could get the chance, she ended it and it shattered her to the core.

Zach has a reputation to protect as CEO of the family business he needs to keep his private life…well very private. He cannot risk being in the tabloids and gossiped about. Their family has been through enough in the last few years and so when it comes to “love”…well he just doesn’t do it. That is until Rebecca…his Bec.

The only girl who he thought he could love, crushed him four months ago when she broke things off because he needed more time to think through his feelings. He was devastated but it opened his eyes and he finally saw what he had with Bec was the real deal…

Or so he thought…

The thing about being in an influential family, people will take advantage of you however they can. So when he finds out some disheartening information about Rebecca he knew he could never be with her again.

But with an eighty year old grandma who is to wise beyond her years at the helm of everything, will they be able to find their way back to each other before more damage can be done?

Overall I liked this story and it was well written. I loved all the characters and the next book that comes out is about Rebecca’s friend Sarah and Zach’s brother Jeff. I’m excited to read that one too. 

 My only negative was that almost all of their issues revolved around misunderstandings or miscommunications. Without those there really wouldn't have been much of a storyline.

Like I said before, this is a good go between story, lighter and more fun. Nothing heavy or heartbreaking and I need stories like this sometimes.

★★☆ 3.5 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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About the Author

Ever since I was a young teenager, I have loved reading romance novels. My auntie used to send me boxes of her books and I would devour them one after another.

Every so often, I would read a mystery or a suspense or a paranormal novel as I love those genres too. But romance is still my favourite. :)

For many years, I wrote technical and non-fiction materials for professional use and had only dreamt about writing a novel. Then, one day, after a period of binge-reading sexy romances, I decided to sit in front of my computer and start writing my first fiction book. The result? My debut novel Will To Love, the first in the hot and sexy Lifestyle by Design series. After that, I knew that I would love to tell more beautiful love stories through my books.

I live in Sydney, Australia with my amazing husband who lovingly cheers me on in my journey as a novelist.

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