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Title: Playing the Game

Series: A Beautiful Game #1

Author: Karen Frances

Genre: Romance

Release Date: January 16, 2017


International football star Fletcher Adams always has an eye on the ladies and, more often than not, one on each arm. The sexy football pin-up knows he needs to make changes in his life, but changes don’t come easily. It’s time to head home to Scotland, away from everything that distracts him, and concentrate on Playing the Game.

Jessica Taylor, a young ambitious business woman, has her whole life mapped out. With her own home, a boyfriend, and a baby on the way, her life is moving along according to plan. When the unimaginable happens, her world crashes down and the happy life she had is plunged into darkness.

A meeting of chance brings together two very different people from different worlds. Both are trying to move forward from pasts that haunt them. While Jessica is trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, Fletcher is trying to prove he’s calmed his wild ways and is ready to be the man to help piece her heart back together. Will Fletcher Adams be the right man to save her, or will she be the one to save him?

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This is the story of Fletcher and Jess.  Fletch is a top football player.  He plays hard both on and off the field.  He's content with this.  He gets a job offer back in his home town of Glasgow.  He recently found out that his grandmother had passed away even though he thought she was already dead.  This comes as a shock to him as his grandparents were the only ones to show him love when he was younger.  He goes to their house to clear it out and meets the next door neighbors who are in a panic over their daughter.  Fletch immediately helps them out.  He then meets their daughter Jess.

Jess is having a bad time of it.  She meets Fletch at her lowest.  She has no idea who he is but he's determined to make his way into her life.  As she struggles with her feelings so does Fletch.  He's never felt like this about anyone before but he knows he wants to pursue it even if he has to take things really slowly.  He loses all interest in playing the field, he only wants Jess.

I'm trying not to give spoilers in this review so bare with me.  

This book started out really well.  I liked the story-line. Fletch is really swoonworthy, i love a good badboy turned good for the right gal stories.  Jess was sweet and you see her grow as the book goes on.  She has a bff Lee who is a great addition to the characters.  Jess's parents too and Fletch's new boss, his wife, and his best friend Logan, all great support characters i hope to see maybe in the future in a book of their own.  

The only problem i have with this book, and it may be just me and a personal opinion, but i had a problem with the time frame the story is over.  I don't want to spoil it so I'm not gonna say for what but it really bothered me.  It was far too soon.  Maybe a few months down the line and i would have felt better about it but 6 weeks or so from the time of the incident to them getting together was too soon.  As i said this may not make sense to you until you read it but then you will get my meaning.  It kept playing the back of my mind whenever anything happened.  It is addressed in the book but still it didn't sit well with me.

The plot was pretty hard hitting touching on a couple of big issues.  Both characters played their parts well and i do really like them both.  There's a fair few hot love scenes to keep you entertained and the connection between them is great.

I didn't realize there was to be a book 2 until the end where there's a bit of a cliffie.  i will definitely be getting that when it comes out because i do really want to find out what happens next.

Overall a decent read i would recommend it to anyone. 

Reviewed by Kerry

★★☆ 4 Stars ☆★★

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“You’re Fletcher, aren’t you?” a tall blonde with legs that go on for miles asks, resting her hand on my shoulder. Logan smiles with a look that says you’ve pulled tonight. She is pretty tidy looking, but has overdone it in the make-up department. I rake my eyes in appreciation over her body. Curves in all the right places, and those tits, bloody hell…I could have a lot

of fun with those as I slide between them, but of course, they’re probably fake.

“Yeah,” I say, even though I shouldn’t, but I’m sure the rest of the guys are loving the female attention they’re getting. “Drinks all around,” I call out.

The bartender smiles as he looks at our company. Even he has an idea of how tonight will end.

The blonde tells me her name, but I don’t take any notice. I don’t want to remember her name in the morning, or whenever I creep out of her bed. Makes it easier that way. As the alcohol flows freely, the blonde keeps trying to persuade me to get on the dance floor with her. She seems the type that wouldn’t mind putting on one hell of a floor show. I might be on the drunk side now, but I’m still cautious. I’ve definitely learned my lesson over the years; you just never know who is lurking around, ready to get pictures. She can do what she wants for me in private later on, though.

Author Bio

Karen Frances currently lives just outside Glasgow, Scotland, with her husband, five children and two dogs, although she does dream of living somewhere warm and sunny. Her days are spent helping her husband run their busy family business. She spends some of her free time trying to keep fit and prepare healthy meals for her family, when their busy schedules allow them to sit down at meal times together. The rest of her free time she uses to plot and write and occasionally read.

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