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Title: Hopeful
Author: Louise Bay
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: July 15th 2014
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Guys like Joel Wentworth weren't supposed to fall in love with girls like me. He could have had his pick of the girls on campus, but somehow the laws of nature were defied and we fell crazy in love. 

For a short time, I thought it would be for infinity.

On July 10, 2006, immediately after graduation, Joel left for New York. And, despite him wanting me to go with him, I'd refused, unwilling to disappoint my parents and risk the judgment of my friends. I hadn’t seen him again. Never even spoke to him.

I've spent the last eight years working hard to put my career front and center in my life, dodging any personal complications. I have a strict no-dating policy. I've managed to piece together a reality that works for me. 

Until now.

Now, Joel's coming back to London.

And I need to get over him before he gets over here.

Hopeful is a stand alone novel.

***Not suitable for younger readers due to sexual content and language.***

My Review

After reading Faithful, I was definitely looking forward to getting my hands on Hopeful and it did not disappoint! WOW, what a hugeeeeeeeeee difference in books. Louise did a great job on her debut novel, by my gosh! She did an AMAZING job with Ava and Joel's story in Hopeful. You can truly see how much her writing has improved and evolved. The depth and emotional connections between the characters in this book were fantastic. I felt it so much more this time around and I am so glad I got the chance to read this sweet love story.

Hopeful travels back and forth between the past and the present, now I'm not normally a big fan of this, however Louise did a very good job at keeping the storyline running smoothly between these scenes. At times I did get a bit over it I will admit, but if we didn't get a lot of that previous knowledge from Ava and Joel's college years I feel we would of been missing out on a lot of their story. We could not have fully understood these awesome characters without the background knowledge from their pasts. Ava, Joel and their friends are all very likeable people. I adored Joel. He made me swoon on multiple occasions! Ava on the other hand, did my head in. Not all the time because mostly I really did enjoy her quirks, but some of the time I think I actually spoke out aloud to my kindle in frustration! WHY WHY WHY!! Sometimes she just did and said things that I couldn't quite get on the same page with. Overall, this was a really enjoyable sweet romance must read. I thoroughly enjoyed jumping into Ava and Joel's world and watching them learn from mistakes, grow individually and find love and happiness. <3 I look forward to reading plenty more amazing stories from Louise!!

★★☆ 4 Stars! ☆★★
Reviewed By Bel Burgess

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About the Author

I write sexy, contemporary romance novels. My first novel Faithful was released in April 2014 and the second, Hopeful, was released July 15 2014.
Ruined by romantic mini-series of the eighties, I love all things romantic. There's not enough of it in real life so I'll settle for books and films.
I love the rain, the West Wing, London, days when you don't have to wear make-up, being alone, being with friends, elephants and champagne.

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