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Title: Only With You (The Best Mistake #1)
Author: Lauren Layne
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: July 29, 2014
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Love is the Biggest Gamble of All . . . 

Cocktail waitress Sophie Dalton doesn't exactly have a life plan. She's perfectly happy being everyone's favorite party girl. But when a Las Vegas bachelorette party goes awry and an uptight businessman mistakes Sophie for a prostitute . . . well, Sophie wonders if it's time to reevaluate her priorities. Swearing off her thigh-high boots for good, Sophie slinks back home with damaged pride-and a jackpot of a hangover.

Yet what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there. On a trip to Seattle to open a new office, Grayson Wyatt meets his latest employee-who turns out to be the same woman he recently called a hooker. Wealthy and gorgeous, Gray is a man used to getting what he wants. And it doesn't take long to figure out that smart, sassy, sexy Sophie is everything he's been looking for. As their late nights at the office turn into hot morning-afters, they realize their Vegas misunderstanding may lead to the real thing . . .

My Review

How would you feel if pair of over the top thigh high boots was responsible for changing your life?
 How would you feel if while you’re intentionally dressed up like a slut visiting Las Vegas to attend a bachelorette party you are mistakenly thought to be a hooker, while getting stuck in the elevator on your way to meet your friends?
How would you feel if the person who deems you a hooker is the hottest stranger of a man you have ever laid eyes on?

“ I’m not interested in acquiring your services, so you can save yourself the effort.”

OMG, imagine?? Talk about embarrassing!

Well, if your Sophie Dalton you feel big life changes are in order, between a recent break up (she was dumped for being too flighty) and the stranger’s comment, Sophie figures she’s in need of some major life changes. To her, being thought of as a “hooker” is pretty much hitting rock bottom!  Sophie begins by swearing off the “hooker” boots and quits her waitressing job to find something more respectable. Surely her Stanford degree and year and a half of Harvard Law should help her.

Two weeks later with no job or real life improvements guess who happens to show up for Sunday dinner at her parent’s house?
You betcha, hot elevator guy… Grayson Wyatt!

And of course he’s her sister’s date! Let the crazy awkward moments begin! From the moment they sneak off to have a quick conversation agreeing to keep their previous embarrassing meeting under wraps from her family their attraction is sooo obvious. By the end of the tension filled dinner Sophie’s sister has managed to convince Gray (much to his dismay) to hire Sophie as his new CEO personal assistant. The story starts to really pick up and we start to feel the strong sexual tension that begins to radiate between Gray and Sophie. There are some hilarious moments as we read about them adjusting to seeing and working so closely together everyday. It's clear that this might not be the best idea.

Let the battle begin! Gray challenges Sophie to one week to see if they can pull of working together and for her to become the professional required for the job. I really enjoyed the witty banter and the game of cat and mouse both Gray and Sophie play throughout the book trying to squash their growing attraction. I found the story well paced and I liked getting more and more info about Gray and his past. As well as the side story of Will, Sophie's bff and her sister Brynn, who will hopefully get their own book, as there is tons I need to know about then as well!

I love stories where the characters are so drawn to one another but try so damn hard to avoid it, pretending they hate each other. This book is filled with tons of those moments when you think….Oh  good their going to finally cave and get it on! But of course it doesn't happen and we're left hanging waiting for the big moment. Talk about sexual build up and anticipation!! Killing me!

I could totally feel for both characters as they we struggling to get over their pasts and inner feeling/doubts in order to let the other in. I loved Gray! I was happy to see him loosen up as the book progressed, Sophie’s free sprit was just what he needed to help bring him back out of his tight assed shell. I also really liked Gray's ability to boost Sophie's confidence, helping her to realize her true potential.

Despite being totally socially off at times lol, Gray is still hot and has many Alpha moments that had me swooning. I did find there were a few spots the book lagged, it just felt something was missing, as well as I could have gone for more blatant flirting and more sexual innuendoes. But with that being said, when Sophie and Gray finally give in, it’s totally hot and so well written it left me panting for wishing for more hot sex scenes between them!
 Overall, I think this is a great read if you’re looking for a fun office romance!

★★☆ 4 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Gillian Grybas

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About the Author

Lauren Layne is a snarky smartass with a serious weakness for happily ever afters.

Marrying her high school sweetheart was a good start. *cue Disney soundtrack.*

But Lauren wanted all romance, all the time.

Now she writes fictional happy endings, and considers her job done well if you swoon while reading her books.

Don't worry. You will.

Once upon a time she lived in a Manhattan high-rise, but now she's on the laid-back train in the Seattle area. If you ever find yourself in Issaquah, she'll probably buy you a drink. Maybe.

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