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*** RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW *** Freed by Stephie Walls

Title: Freed
Series: Bound Duet #2
Author: Stephie Walls
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 10, 2017



I moved on. 

I couldn't hold on to what was deteriorating, devastating, destroying,



Nobody could.

And now, I have real love. 

The kind that means something,

Rocking in chairs and growing old.

But, choosing between the past and future is too painful.

Too raw.

Too final.

I was bound to Gray, but he lost me,

Let me slip through his fingers.

That was then. 

This is now.

I'm freed.

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My Review 

Freed was what I needed after enduring Bound. It still wasn't all hearts and flowers, but it was a realistic look at the aftermath of romantic destruction. It was a real look at what real love looks like. Annie grew and matured and finally took her life by the reins and was determined to come out on top. But with her relationship with Gray leading her to a new relationship with Brett, Annie has choices to make and life to live. 

Annie has moved on from her agonizing relationship with Gray. Well, mostly. Her volatile relationship with Gray will always own part of her heart but Brett has settled her. She's built a life that she's fully enjoying for once, even if it's ups aren't quite as high at least the downs aren't completely devastating. But as with everything in life, choices have to be made and Annie has one of the greatest and hardest choices to make than ever before. 

This story was a balm to my beat up heart. After reading Bound I wasn't sure how this story would ever be okay. But it was everything it was supposed to be. I was enthralled with Annie and her story. I loved that it was still so so real but without the pure agony. She grew into exactly what she wanted to be and her choices reflected that. This is not to say this wasn't still an emotional story-it most definitely was. But I fell so hard for Annie in this book and I felt so much peace by the end. Bravo Ms. Walls, you made me love a heroine in a way I wasn't sure was possible and gave a conclusion that was just about everything I needed.

Reviewed by Paige 

★★☆ 4.5 "Happily Ever After" Stars ☆★★ 

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Author Bio

Stephie Walls is a literary whore - she loves words in all forms and will read anything put in front of her. She has an affinity for British Literature and Romance novels and an overall love of writing. She currently has six novels out, four short stories, and two collections; all provocatively written to elicit your imagination and spice up your world.

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