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***RELEASE BLITZ, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY*** A Touch of Lust by Michelle Horst


Title: A Touch of Lust

Series: A Feather’s Touch #1

Author: Michelle Horst

Genre: Romance

Release Date: February 2, 2017



The way of the commune is the only way I know. Born into sin, I have to repent daily.

If we follow the laws of the Brothers, our sins will be forgiven, and they will take us with them to The Promised Land. All I have been taught is that I’m bad, shameful and a whore.

But, in the deepest part of my heart I can’t help but wonder about life. Is the way of The Order really the only way?

I listen to the teachings. I watch my sisters as they dutifully do what they’re told.

With every passing day I can feel my faith slipping away. How can I believe in something that feels so wrong? I feel like an outsider.
I feel like I don’t belong anywhere until I meet Liam. The first man to show me what love is turns out to be just like the rest of them.
I’m done putting my faith in men. I’ll save myself.


Cults - I have this intense hunger for revenge against them.
Because of them, my sister took her own life.
Instead of getting my revenge, I get Mila. She changes things. But when I begin to unravel the secrets of her past that revenge comes back. I can’t forgive her for belonging to a cult. I blame her.
There’s only one problem, somehow that love I felt for her is coming back and my hate is turning to lust.
In the end I’m the one who needs saving.


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The cover and the title totally threw me!

Do NOT judge the book by the cover!

This is a quite dark read. This is a story of two kids who grew up in a cult environment.

Liam and his little sister's mom gets involved with a cult. Their dad is the only one keeping them half normal when he gets joint custody of them. They both know the cult way is wrong. Liam has had enough. Now being 16 he can leave if he wishes but he sticks around to look after his younger sister. Liam's life crumbles when on one visit to their mom it is declared that his sister is to marry one of the members. Rosie being scared runs. He tries to catch her but unfortunately it ends in tragedy.

Mila was born into a similar cult. She's still only young but she knows the cult is wrong. She decides she's going to run. A film crew gets into the compound to interview the prophet. Seeing a way to escape she asks for help from a crew member who helps her escape. She's kind of adopted by her and starts living a normal life. She bides her time planning to build a life for when she goes back to the cult to save her sister.

Liam and Mila meet at school both having an attraction to one another. They both keep secrets that could tear them apart.

I really enjoyed the beginning bit with the escape from the cults both very different but both similar. The struggles and heartache they both suffer tears at your heart.

The chemistry between them is really quite sweet. Neither of them see that they like the other and they waste a few years just being friends.

When they finally come together it's kind of bittersweet in the fact that secrets are about to tear them apart when honesty would keep them together.

I liked Liam's character. He was pushy when needed to be and he certainly knew how to use his charm to get his own way. But i also loved the sweet side of him that knew he and Mila should be together.

Mila was a very contradictory character in that she was obviously broken down by the cult but then her strength comes up to the surface every now and again and i found i really liked this trait in her. The determination to win and get a life for her and her sister she knew they should have had was lovely to read.

There's a few things that stop me giving it a 5 star but the author note at the end made me see why it was done but it didn't really change my opinion. Firstly in my opinion, i think it could have maybe gone a little darker. Although it's kind of mean to the characters i wanted the cult more involved. Even more evil than they were. Secondly i felt the ending, although good, could have started to build up way before it did. The stuff in the middle lagged a little bit for me and i think if the ending was expanded upon more it would have paced the story better.

Don't think that i didn't like it because i did. I really enjoyed what was there i just personally felt that with just a little bit more it would have been an amazing read. I really hope that the rest of the characters get a book and maybe they will go a little darker especially with Hailey.

I would recommend this book the writing style was easy to read and made me keep turning those pages. Just as a personal reason i wanted it just a touch darker.

Reviewed by Kerry

★★☆ 4 "Cult" Stars ☆★★

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My first instinct is to cover myself, but the scorching look in his eyes makes me stand still.

My conscience screams at me that this is wrong, but it’s quickly silenced by the sinner in me.

“Don’t look at me like I’m your ticket to the promised land, babe. I’ll only lead you to hell.”

Heat spreads through my body and tiny tongues of desire lick at my skin.

“You make me want to be a bad girl,” I whisper. My voice is hoarse with sinful need.

I want to feel his touch. I want to be defiled by him.

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International bestselling author of Predator, The Monster Series and many others. She loves writing anything from Young Adult to Suspense Romance.

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