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***BLOG TOUR, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY*** War Poppy by L.P Lovell & Stevie J Cole writing as Nicole Lynn


Title: War Poppy

Series: War #1

Author: Stevie J. Cole & LP Lovell

writing as Nicole Lynne

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 6, 2017



Love and war. Two words that should have little association, but to me the two go hand in hand. Both are a tragedy. They rip you open and spit you out. The war killed my husband, Connor, shattered my will to live, and took my best friend. Brandon may not have physically died in that war, but his soul did. And now we're left to pick up the wreckage. Expected to move on when all that is left is the ruins of a life we once had.


War. It took everything from me, even myself. When you're only able to exist, death seems like a blessing. Pain...a welcome distraction. I ran from everything associated with my past, and then she found me, fighting, drowning myself in whisky, trying to forget. She reminds me of Connor, of what I've lost—what we've lost. In the midst of destruction, she's a salvation I don't deserve.

I shouldn't love him.

I shouldn't love her.

Love is a war we never should have fought.

This is probably the hardest review I've ever had to writeI'm actually struggling to find the words to fully describe the feelings i have of this book.  I'm obviously gonna give it a go but please excuse me if it's a bit emotional.

I loved it! I've taken it so far into my heart it will absolutely stay with me forever.  I have so much feeling for this book i cry every damn time i think about it or see a teaser.  

War Poppy...

I do not want to spoil the plot in anyway.  This book covers the very serious, very real problem of PTSD.

Poppy, Connor and Brandon.  Best friends since they were 10 years old.  Friends forever.
Poppy and Brandon lose Connor to War.  Heartbroken both of them struggle with his loss.  They deal with it in very different ways.  Poppy is determined to carry on for him.  Brandon is lost without him.  

The rest of the story tells of the fallout of war and death.  Poppy and Brandon are never the same again.

I'm now at the part of struggling with my words.  I'm not even joking when i say that I'm crying writing this.  

3 Best Friends.

Poppy is so strong.  She may not think she is but she is.  She's determined to hold Brandon together and try and save him from himself, and maybe save herself in the process.  She's not sure how to do it but god does she try her best.  He's all she has left in the world.  The thing is, she loved Connor.  He was her husband and best friend, but she also had another love.  Brandon.  She'd always loved them both.  Her love for Brandon keeps her going.  She's determined that if they stick together they can get through anything.  She's definitely a glass half full girl and she tried to bring Brandon out of the dark

Brandon... I'm actually in love with him.  I'm heartbroken for him.  After Connor's death he loses a part of himself he can never get back.  He tries to find peace in the bottom of a bottle and in physical pain.  Nothing helps.  Only Poppy gives him a small slice of peace.  He knows he's going to drag her down with him.  He's ultimately a very selfless man.  He may front it out by being the badboy.  The one always in trouble, but underneath it all he lives his life for Poppy and Connor.  His only family.  His best friends.  Only doing what he feels is best for them.  When he loses Connor he knows he's lost too but Poppy is determined to try and bring him back.  He knows he's wrong for her but he gets addicted to the peace she brings plus he's in love with her.  He always has been.  Ultimately he does what he feel's is best for Poppy when he can't keep away from her.

And finally Connor.  He had me crying by page 3.  I'm not lying.  Page effing 3! His death is dealt with right at the start.  But do not think for one minute this is all you know of him.  His influence is heavy throughout. With writing genius he gets his say throughout the book without even being there.  You know him.  You know the person he was, and you know how special he was to both both Poppy and Brandon.

This story is so profound it's left it's mark on me forever.  It's so darkly beautiful it can't fail to hit you straight in the heart.    

The authors take you right along with the characters.  I felt every last thing that they did.  The high's the low's and everything in between.  When they cried i did too.  When they laughed i did too.  When they felt the most crippling pain i did too.  Straight in the chest.  

The issues dealt with really hit me hard.  Of course i know of PTSD but reading this story.  Knowing that this happens to families every day.  That there are men and women all over the world fighting their own battles way after the war has ended absolutely gutted me.  This could be your brother, sister, friend, parent.  I think the majority of people have someone they know in the forces and to know that this could be one of them.... It doesn't bare thinking about.  You think the only worry is for them to come home safe but sometimes they never really return even though they're alive.  

This is not a fluffy feel good read.  It will shatter your heart.  I wanted to beg for things to go differently.  When i finished reading it i was a complete mess.  I could barely breathe.  I cried so hard ugly cry does not cover it.  But you know what?  Thinking about it later on I knew there could not have been a more fitting ending.  It had to be told just as it was otherwise it wouldn't hit you as hard.  It would just be another romance book you've read.  This is not just another romance. By christ will you be knocked for six.  The book hangover will be in the back of your mind for weeks afterwards.

Perfect.  That may seem an odd thing to say now after I've told you how gutted i am but it was.  It's beautiful.  It's hard hitting.  It's thought provoking.  It's gut wrenching rip your heart out. 

These authors have done something truly special.  This story needed to be told.  No sugar coating it with a perfect romance, a cure and a happily ever after.  Sometimes there is no cure even with a love so great it lasts a lifetime.  Love is not always hearts and flowers.  Real life can be cruel and mean. 

If you only read one book this year make it this one.  If you only go overdrawn in your bank once this year make it to buy this book.   My favorite book ever, even though it actually felt like it was slowly killing me.

I think you get the gist.  Highly recommend.  My favorite read this year.  I know it will be at the end of this year too.  Always.  I'll leave you with my favorite quote from this book.

Reviewed by Kerry

★★☆ 5 "Simply Amazing" Stars ☆★★

Buy it
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Love it

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Book 2, War Hope is releasing May 2, 2017


Stevie J. Cole

Stevie J. Cole lives deep in the woods of Alabama with her husband and two precious daughters. She studied Epidemiology concentrating on cancer research but has always had a passion for writing. Some of her stories will strip you bare, some will give you nightmares, but the one thing she can promise is that she will always give you stories that make you feel.

Raw. Gritty. Love.
Because sometimes characters need to be flawed.

P.S. Stevie's greatest fear is the impending zombie apocalypse. Think about it: swarming armies of decaying, oozing corpses stumbling around with clicking teeth, trying to eat your face. Nothing about that is good. NOTHING!

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LP Lovell

Lauren Lovell is an indie author from England.

She suffers from a total lack of brain to mouth filter and is the friend you have to explain before you introduce her to anyone, and apologise for afterwards.

She's a self-confessed shameless pervert, who may be suffering from slight peen envy.

LP loves to hear from readers so please get in touch.

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