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*** Newer Release *** Finding Air by K.D. Smith

Title: Finding Air
Author: K. D Smith
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: August 27, 2014
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Josie has been living in fear while formulating her plan for justice. Of course nobody knows that because she does exactly what she’s supposed to do, which is pretend her life is normal, but Josie knows she is anything but normal. She’s claustrophobic, she battles her panic, and she hides her plans and her past from everyone.

When she runs into Gunner Layne, a seriously hot private investigator, she has no idea that he's been hired to track her. Gunner senses that things are anything but normal with Josie and makes plans of his own. Can Josie trust him? Can she fight her attraction to him? Can she execute her plan to take down a madman while keeping her secrets and staying alive?

Follow Josie and Gunner’s sometimes funny, sometimes erotic, sometimes heart wrenching story to find out if Josie can find the air she needs to breathe easy.

Warning: If you don't like erotic sex scenes, the F word, German Shepherds, or the idea of a spanking, you probably won't like this book. Each book is a stand alone novel.


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About the Author

K. D. Smith lives in West Michigan with her family and has two beautiful daughters. In the past she's had many jobs, including working at an information hotline and an insurance company, but believes that being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding job there is. She's always loved to read and write, but never considered following her dreams of becoming an author until recently. Writing and painting are her favorite outlets. She made her author debut with Finding Air, which is the first book in the Layne Series. Coming next is the second book, Finding Faith.

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