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Uncover Me - Men of Inked #4

I lost track of my life.
Spiraling down the rabbit hole, I lost myself and became one of them. Living undercover within the MC, the days bled together as I became absorbed in a life of excess and violence. Becoming consumed was easy. Was I Thomas Gallo, good guy and respected cop or Blue, Sergeant-at-Arms of the Sun Devils MC? Before, I could answer with certainty. But now, there’s a darkness that has settled deep in my soul, fusing with my heart and altering my reality forever. The road I’ve traveled has been paved with danger, death, and deception. Roxanne grew up as part of the MC, a victim of her birth. Her life has been treacherous, setting her on a course of torment and destruction. When our worlds collide, secrets are revealed. Trying to save us from damnation, I fight for redemption and the woman I love.  


EEEEEEPPPP! Thomas Gallo is FINALLY here! To say I was a little excited about Thomas' story would be a huge understatement. This Gallo brother has intrigued me from the moment we learnt about him. He's a Gallo for starters, completely gorgeous, and somewhat mysterious. I could not wait to get my hands on his story.

So here we are, Thomas and Angel(Roxy/Roxanne) -the woman was known by a few names. They were hot, dirty, and very sexy together. Miss Bliss certainly delivered some raunchy scenes in this instalment of the Men of Inked series! So if you were hoping to get down and dirty with another Gallo brother, then Tommy will not disappoint!

While I devoured yet another fabulous session with my favourite italian family and their awesome girlfriends and wives, I must admit (and it kills me to say this!) I was a little disappointed with the how the emotional side of story unfolded. Of course, every moment with the Gallo family was full of the typical banter, love and fun times that we all adore so those were fantastic scenes, but it was Angel and Thomas' relationship and connection that held me back from really loving this book. By the end, I did feel the love they had for one another, I just found myself always searching for a tiny bit more from both them throughout the story. From the beginning, I didn't feel that connection much at all. The character depth wasn't enough for me to fully believe in their love for one another. I needed more inner thoughts and feelings to jump off the page at me. In saying that, once I got through the first half of the book I do feel this picked up. The emotion behind these characters was more evident and I began to really feel for them. Did this affect my enjoyment of the story? Okay, it did a little, but only because I had built up that anticipation waiting for Thomas' book! I completely adore this series, love these amazing alpha men Chelle Bliss has created, so of course I was looking for that wow factor in Thomas' story too.

What I did notice in Uncover Me that really stood out, was moments in Chelle's writing where I sat back and thought WOW! That line is epic. Most of these moments were Thomas Gallo in his own head. He is an intense, deep man, full of raw emotion and at times those feelings made their way off that page and into my heart.

I did enjoy every moment I was reading Uncover Me. Chelle's writing was typical Bliss style with those hot as hell scenes, witty banter, and those favourite characters we love.

Next up... Anthony's story. I can.not.wait!!!! 

★☆★ 4 Secret and Sexy Stars! ★☆★
Reviewed by Bel Burgess


About the Author
USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss is an American author who writes stories about real-life scenarios with fantasy Alpha males. Her works include humor as well as steamy sex. 
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