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***EXCLUSIVE Prologue Preview and Q&A with cover model Lance Jones*** Devil You Know by Max Henry

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Being alone, while not alone, is such a curious thing. How can one who is surrounded by many, still feel the hollow ache of a person who has nobody to confide in, nobody to trust. 
Nobody to love.
Human beings in general are a companion-based animal. We long, and yearn for that soul mate since the day we were born. It’s only that we don’t fully understand the emotion until puberty has taken hold, and love is no longer what we feel for a cherished toy, but rather a self-inflicted torture we endure in the name of connecting with somebody who makes us feel magical.
A week of madness, an hour of pain, all for a few simple minutes of ecstasy.
So many of us would give that—sell our soul to the devil—and never look back. The euphoria we get from a simple touch, a look, a whispered word can undo the greatest of heartache. Usually heartache we endure in the pursuit of such a fabled moment.
It’s only when the heartache follows the treasured moment that we begin to question this whole ‘love’ thing. Only then will endless hours be lost standing in the shower, questioning everything we thought we knew. The devil on our shoulder starts the guessing game, and we delve too far into every decision we make. Should I? Would I? Could I?
A form of insanity takes hold, and we lose ourselves to the madness before we recognize the signs. By the time we realize what a muddled mess our head is in, it’s too late; we crossed the road, and took a wrong turn long ago.
The cycle begins.
A whispered word, a gentle touch, a stolen glance, and we’re brought from the brink of self-destruction, back to that cloudless sky with nothing but sunshine on the horizon. We live in that euphoric state, gladly burying the pain of not so long ago, to bask in the warmth of love once again.
All until that trust is shaken.
Until the feeling is no longer reciprocated.
Until all we see in that once faithful companion, is a stranger.

Or in my case … the enemy.

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We all love our books, right? And let's be honest—how many new authors would we discover if it weren't for the tireless efforts of countless book bloggers?
These heroes of the industry share news, covers, release day specials and more, all for the love of a good story. And us authors are forever grateful for the work these guys put in, usually for no pay, and little reward other than knowing that they have brought another great story to their subscribers.
So, to say thank you to the fantastic blogs who have signed up for my Release Day Blitz for Devil You Know, I have put something special together: a Q&A with my cover model, Lance Jones.
I first saw this image of Lance, shot by Michael Meadows, close to a year ago. It popped up on my newsfeed, and quite literally stopped me in my tracks. The expression, the mood, everything about it started to speaking to me ... and as a consequence Malice was born.
But, as much as we all love to look at it (I know a few of you have it as your home screen!) there is a story behind the picture—and who better to give us a glimpse into that world than the man himself? 

Q: Lance, I get asked this all the time. What was on your mind when Michael snapped that shot of you?
A:  Relaxing after a hard days work.

Q: Did you always find it easy to pose? Or is it something you have had to work on over time?
A:  Well, it’s not too bad. Guys have it pretty easy ☺, but def took some practice.

Q: How did you get your first modelling job?
A:  Just contacted the local photographers.

Q: Christina Gragg (easily your BIGGEST fan) asks: What has been your favourite photo shoot to date, and why?
A:  I’ve had so many fun shoots. That’s a hard one to answer.

Q: Mary D’Agostini asks: If you weren’t doing modelling/fitness, what would your dream job be?
A:  Always thought it would be cool to be a professional football player.

Q: Now, you’ve done a few shoots, including those for the Ominous clothing line, which include tattooed women as well. Jennifer Gonnerman Wenstad asks: Are you okay with women having ink?
A:  Of course I’m okay with women having ink!

Q: I guess that last question kind of leads into one from Jeanne Adkins: What is your ideal woman?
A:  I like a woman that is smart, humble, nice, honest, with a good personality, and not afraid to get her hands dirty ;)

Q: I have to ask, what is the weirdest proposition you’ve had from a complete stranger since you started modelling? Or even before?
A:  No comment lol

Q: Lance, your tattoos are unique, and even if a photo is only of a portion of you, we all know who it is! Darcy Lankford asks: When you get more ink, where will it be, and of what?
A:  I plan on getting more – gonna do a rib piece, a back piece, some more on my chest and legs. Not sure what’s next, I’m in the process of deciding.

Q: How old were you when you got your first piece, and what was it?
A:  Fifteen – last name on left shoulder.

Q: We all saw how proud you were of your Mach 1 when you got to take it home. (Hubby would give you a thumbs up for owning a Ford ;) ). Just for my girl Christina, because I know she loves her cars, how fast have you had it? We won’t tell …
A:  lol 120

Q: Over the last year, you’ve definitely made waves in the industry. The one thing everybody who meets you has to say is what a genuine, friendly guy you are. What do you have to say to people looking to start a career like yours? What would be your number one tip?
A:  Stay humble, hard working and focused, and don’t give up. Create a page, and build yourself a portfolio.

Q: Amy Burgett asks: What are your top plans for 2015?
A:  To help create more amazing book covers, and looing forward to all my upcoming signings.

Q:  Where do you see yourself in ten years?
A:  Ha, who knows?

Q: Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to?
A:  All the authors, fans and friends who have supported me through my modelling career. You know who you are ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed this little session with Lance! Thank you, Lance, for taking the time to answer these for me. I can’t wait to get a print copy of Devil You Know in my hands, and there’ll definitely be one coming your way to add to the collection! Not long now until Devil You Know releases on February 2nd.

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