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*** Review *** Target on Our Backs by J.M. Darhower

Target on Our Backs is now live! Happily Ever After always comes at a cost, one any real man would be willing to pay. Pick up a copy today and find out what forever looks like to Naz and his jailbird!

Target on Our Backs 
(Monster in His Eyes Book 3)
By J.M. Darhower
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense, Romance
Published: February 23, 2016


The best way to keep your word is never to give it.

Not long ago, in a chapel in Vegas, I swore to love Karissa for the rest of my days. But nobody's promised an infinite number of tomorrows. Nobody's promised forever. Sometimes, all we have left is today.

Carpe Diem
Seize the day.

It should've been over, we should've been happy, but people are making it hard for me to live in peace. I've got so much blood on my hands they'll never be clean, and somebody out there seems to want me to pay for it. Happily Ever After always comes at a cost, one any real man would be willing to pay. But that doesn't mean I'm just going to roll over and accept these consequences.

Because when it comes to the woman I love? The life I've fought for?

Nobody is safe.



My Review 

J.M. Darhower penned the perfect ending for the Monster in His Eyes series. I giggled, panted, cringed, and loved right along with Naz and Karissa. These two have had quite the journey and it ended with the perfect bang. 

Now that Naz and Karissa are married and Naz is trying to turn over a new leaf for Karissa's sake, everything is sunshine and roses-or not. Once you're in the life, the life rarely lets you go which Naz always knew. But for Karissa he'll do whatever he can to make sure she has the life he wants for her. Karissa is at a point in her relationship with Naz that she knows when to ask questions and when to keep her mouth shut. Seeing these peculiar changes in Naz, Karissa can hardly believe this is the guy she first fell in love with but she's always known he's had two sides to him and he isn't the bad guy he proclaims to be-at least not really. 

As Karissa sets out to finish university, Naz sets out to find out who is after him. It's obvious to him the someone is out to get him and Naz is determined to make sure that whomever it is gets nowhere close to his wife even if that means going back to the guy he used to be. 

Told in alternating points of view, Naz and Karissa tell their continuing story. It follows them as they have to decide what they can truly live with and live without. Getting to see a softer and, I can't believe I even get to say this, silly side to Naz was the cherry on top of an already delicious story. Sure Naz is still possessive and can be a bit controlling, but in Target, it's obvious to see that he's growing and has perfectly valid reasons for every single thing he does. Karissa has also grown into her own. She's stronger and more determined and makes a perfect counterpart to Naz. 

J.M. Darhower writes a wonderfully balanced mafia stories. Her characters are strong and relatable. Even in the face of the craziest situations, you can't help but feel compassion and understanding. Naz and Karissa's story is one I fell in love with in book one and book 3 has only cemented them as one of my favorite book couples. J.M. please never stop writing.

Reviewed by Paige 

★★☆ 5 "Best of the Series" Stars ☆★★ 

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About the Author

JM Darhower is the USA Today Bestselling Author of romance novels of all flavors (erotic, suspense, contemporary, paranormal). She lives in a tiny town in the Carolinas with her family, where she churns out more words than will ever see the light of day. She has a deep passion for politics and human rights, and when she isn’t writing she’s usually ranting about those things. Chronic crimper with a vulgar mouth, she admits to having a social media addiction. You can find her there.

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