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*** Release Blitz, Review & Giveaway *** Divided by Ivy Stone


Title: Divided 

Series: Unguarded #2 

Author: Ivy Stone 

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense 

Release Date: February 22, 2016 


We were strangers.

Two people on different paths that were never meant to cross. 

He saved me.

I ruined her.

We had no control.

We were powerless against fate.

It wasn’t wrong, it wasn’t right, but it was real.

Ours was a toxic love. So lethal it was destined to ruin us both, and it did. In the end, everything went wrong for all the right reasons. 
Our lives divided. But our love would be infinite. A forbidden crush.
A destructive romance.
A fierce love. 

Roamyn & Alison

An Unguarded Novel

My Review 

From the moment I finished reading the final pages of Ivy Stone’s debut novel Exposed I have been dying for the chance to get my hands on to this story. Roamyn and Ali’s story. Two characters who stole my heart and have stayed with me, always in the back of my mind while I’ve waited for the moment to learn more about them. 

Divided is Book #2 in the Unguarded Series and has left me simply blown away. I knew this story was going to be brutal from the get go. The life that we learnt had been Ali & Lindsey’s upbringing had been one of heartbreak, brutality and hard choices. The scars were already there in book one, the pain Ali’s addiction was masking already eluded to, but nothing could prepare me for the pure evil that this girl faced at the hands of people she had sort protection from. 

As a reader it’s not very often that a story elicits such strong feelings of protectiveness, heartache and anger for a character, like I did towards Alison Jenkins and it speaks volumes for the quality of Ivy Stone’s writing and her amazing ability to create such captivating three dimensional characters. This girl is a warrior and this story is a journey. Taking us over the span of seven years all while maintaining a fast paced and captivating storyline we see a young girl with nothing left to lose and the young detective who wants nothing more than to save her. 

Roamyn Tate is a tortured soul in his own right, his whole life has been marred with an urgency for revenge towards the man responsible for ripping away everything he loved and cherished. It is the ever present drive that lead him to join the police force and the unwavering force to bring down the evil that run deep within the streets of New York City. He never knew what it would mean for his life when he crossed paths with Alison Jenkins one night on the Brooklyn Bridge. He could see she was in dire need of help, that she was at crossroads and that she was close to giving up and he knew he couldn’t walk away until he had done whatever her could to give her hope. What he didn’t know is that, that one interaction, that one night of conversation with a tortured addict would leave a permanent mark on his heart and soul and forever bind his fate with hers. 

“He runs as deep as the scars etched into my skin and blood in my veins. Once he’s wrapped around me, on top of me, inside of me, I’ll never be able to let him go.” 

These two are the most imperfect perfection as a pairing. With every wrong choice that pushed them apart was a connection that pulled them back together. With all the stakes against them, theirs was so much more than just a physical attraction. He was her rock, the tiny glimmer of hope that she held onto in her darkest times. The little voice inside of her head to not give up on herself. And to him she was everything, the beautiful tortured soul, that reflected back at him a pain and loss that resonated deep within his soul and spurred him on to not only succeed in what he had set out to do to save himself but to more importantly save her too. 

The introduction of more secondary characters as well as so much more of the lives of the characters we already know and love and the ever-growing involvement of the Misery Angels Motorcycle Club to the upcoming storyline brings the Unguarded Series to a whole new level. This story just keeps getting better and better. It answers the questions that we were left wanting to know more about from Exposed as well as stirring a whole new level of anticipation for what will happen next. 

This book is an exciting sign of the levels and abilities of a new writer that we have nowhere near seen the last of. I am so excited to see where the Unguarded Series takes us next, on top of what other projects we might see come from Ivy Stone in the future. Congratulations Ivy on another great release. 

★★☆ 5 Amazing Stars ☆★★ 

Reviewed by Carly Carter 

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Author Bio

"Author. Mother. Lover. Dreamer."

Ivy Stone is an Australian author. She is a self-confessed lover of alpha males and happily ever afters. Getting lost in a fictional world is how she discovered her passion for writing. When she isn’t daydreaming up new romantic stories she’s likely to be found spending time with her family.

Ivy writes sexy romance and is the author of the Unguarded series. She also loves to hear from her readers.

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