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***Release Blitz, Review & Giveaway ***On The Rocks by Gillian Jones

Title: On the Rocks 
Series: Pub Fiction #2 
Author: Gillian Jones
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult
Release Date: December 14, 2015 



Four years ago losing the love of my life almost destroyed me. 

Years of being labeled and looked upon with disdain by everyone in my hometown almost wrecked me. 

Four years ago I became a mother and together we were enough...Until I met him. 

He wanted to rebuild my broken–I just didn’t know how to let him. 

This is my story of how one man’s love changed everything I thought I knew about life, love and myself. 

But in the end, can Levi Eddison prove to be my restoration? 


Everything in my world changed the day Braunwyn Daniels walked into my pub. 

She was a woman of many contradictions. I recognized the happiness and sorrow each fighting its way to the surface from deep within. 

I was drawn to her immediately. 

Behind her long legs, chestnut brown hair and beautiful eyes laid a damaged soul. 

I needed to change that–I just didn’t know how. 

This is my story of how I met a broken girl and vowed to make her whole.

And in the end, it turns out I knew nothing about true happiness until Braunwyn Daniels let me love her.

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Note from the Author

Dear Reader,

Mental illness is a growing concern in our world today. On the Rocks is about surviving the aftermath of suicide, and believing in love again. Levi and Braunwyn’s love story is inspired by events that impacted the lives of people I care about deeply. With all of the research and ongoing concerns with mental health, I’ve decided to try and do something to bring awareness and light to this growing concern. I will be donating 10% of all pre-order and release week profits to Canadian Mental Health Association.

You can visit them here ->

Thank you in advance for helping me to support this important cause. Gillian xx

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My Review 

On the Rocks is the interconnected standalone follow up to Gillian Jones' My Mind's Eye. And as much as I loved MME, On the Rock's shows her growth as an author and I have fallen in love with Levi and Braun. These two are the other halves of their souls. From the very first time they meet, their connection is fierce and I could feel it all the way to my toes. At times utterly devastating and blissfuly romantic, these two have burrowed inside my heart and have found a place there to stay. 

Braun has survived some of the worst things a person can survive. The author's note at the start of the book gives a hint to the tragedy to follow, but nothing could prepare me for the brokenness Braunwyn is left with. Mental illness has left Braun's life in ruins. She's now a single mother without the help of her parents at 18. Her grams takes her in and for four years she finishes school so that she can build a life for her and her daughter. When she starts a new job at Pub Fiction, she never believes that there she will meet her soul mate. But Levi, the owner, starts a fire inside her that she thought she lost when she was still a teenager. As these two work together, they build a bond and a friendship that is overshadowed by Braun's past. 

Levi sees something in Braun that he didn't think he'd find. The same thing that his brother found in book 1: a person that completes him. But it's obvious that Braun is hiding something and isn't ready for him just yet. Levi is determined to wait her out though. Because when she's ready, he's playing the trump card and will take it all. Yet when he finds out her secret, he knows he has his work cut out for him. 

Braunwyn and Levi's story is one of triumph over heartbreak. It's the realization that even when all seems lost, there is still hope. I am still swooning over Levi and I read this a week ago. He is the ultimate white knight. He doesn't rush into anything but when he makes up his mind, he is all in. He takes every piece of Braun even her adorable daughter and makes them his own. Watching Levi befriend Braun's daughter was the sweetest thing. There is nothing better for me in a book that to watch a grown man brought to his knees by a child and this fit the bill perfectly. 

I adored watching Braun open up to Levi and start building a life for herself. Having lived with a family member who struggles daily with severe depression, this story hit very close to home. Gillian did a wonderful job of portraying the honesty of life with mental illness and it's effects on those surrounded by it. Yet by the end of this story, my heart was fully mended. And I can't forget mention how steamy and ultra sexy the sex scenes were. My panties melted right off when Levi walked in on Braun in her room and from then on, I was a sighing and blushing my way through the rest of the book. 

I cannot wait to read more from Pub Fiction. There are several other side characters that I am desperate to see fall. With humor, heart and heat, Gillian Jones has made a new super fan.

Reviewed by Paige

★★☆ 5 "White Knight" Stars ☆★★

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My Review 

Well this book smacked me straight in the chest with the biggest feels ever!!

This is book 2 in the Pub Fiction series.

This is Levi's story. Levi is the owner of Pub Fiction. He has made it pretty much his whole life. She's his girl, his everything. Nothing else has ever really mattered to Levi he runs his pub he takes the girls on offer and never gives anything more to anyone.

Braunwyn is a struggling single mom who's been abandoned by pretty much everyone but her grams and her best friend London. When we first meet Braun she's pretty much broken, for four years it's just been her and her daughter. She's decided she needs a part time job and to start interacting with humans again. She goes for a job at Pub Fiction even though she has no experience and meets Levi.

Quite simply he changes her world!!!

OMG I so fell in love with Levi! Braun was still grieving and messed up and Levi knew he had to take things slow with her. He was so patient!! first becoming friends with her and then so so so much more!!. Then he developed the same thing with his little Scooby (Braunwyn's daughter) He not only fell in love with Braun but little Scooby too!! it was sooo adorable to see their relationship develop. I think this says a lot about this book and why I loved it so much, you not only see one love story but two!! Seriously you'll love Levi!!

Braun is gonna be a fave book girl of mine for a long time to come. She could see how she was and was so determined to change. She takes a risk with Levi and I loved that about her. She'd think things through and then go for it! She'd be scared but do it anyway because she truly wanted out of the grief not just for her but her daughter too.

There is a very serious theme in this story of suicide but it's handled really really well. It's not heavy and downbeat, but the message is loud and clear in there. It's not a story of a victim but a story of survival after suicide and to have hope.

This is the type of story you will read again and again because through everything it will fill your heart up to full. It will make you smile. It will make you swoon. It will make you fan your face, because Jesus is there some very very very hot scenes!!! I'll say B.O.B and when you come to that scene be prepared to hose yourself down!!


I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It can be read as a standalone but i also loved book 1 My Minds Eye so I would recommend you read that too!!

Reviewed by Kerry

★★☆5 Heart Warming emotional hope filled stars!!!☆★★

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Author Bio

I'm a wife, mother, and a crazy Canadian, living in Ontario with the loves of my life–my amazing hubby and sweetest little boy. I'm Admittedly addicted to... my friends, red wine, shoes, handbags, and laughter. My biggest addiction, however, is reading. That shit runs deep in my veins, I'm a lover of alpha males, hot sex, with a side of angst all topped off with the perfect happy ever after.

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