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**REVIEW** Cain's Salvation by Sarah O'Rourke


Title: Cain's Salvation
Author: Sarah O'Rourke
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: March 2014
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When Dr. Cain Turner's life was literally blown apart in a small province of Afghanistan, it was only the hope and memories of one woman that propelled him forward. But there were more demons to face. 

In the small country hamlet of Paradise, Tennessee...Faith waits. Surrounded by her loving sisters, Faith McKinnon had faced her own demons, having thought that the love of her life had deserted her. 

But fate...and a few meddling McKinnon sisters...conspired to bring the two star-crossed lovers together again.

My Review

This is a very short story of a man who has given up on his life. Cain had everything he has ever wanted- a good life, a family and a fiancé who he loved more than anything in this world.

Faith is a small town girl who, along with her sisters, runs their family bar/café. Life couldn’t be any better. Recently engaged to Cain, the love of her life, she is planning her wedding while he is off serving his country and saving lives as a doctor across seas.

However, the horrors of war effect Cain and he feels he can no longer be the man he was…the man Faith fell in love with and the man she deserves. He does the only thing that feels right at the time and lets her go. He ends their engagement through a letter and tells her continue on and find a happy life without him.

It was time to let her go. He had to release her from their promise of forever. Her freedom was the only gift he had left to offer her now….he could write and leave Faith free to find the future he couldn’t give her anymore.

Faith is broken. She doesn’t understand. With a half of a page of scribble and no real explanation, the future she thought she had is shattered.

After Cain returns home, and after some meddling from family members, Cain realizes what he has done to Faith and to himself. He loves and needs her more than anything but what they had is broken. Will he be able to repair the damage he has caused or are something’s just too broken to be fixed?

I did enjoy this story but I think it was way too short for this type of storyline. The book basically starts out with Cain breaking Faiths heart and throughout the rest he tries to convince her and everyone else that he is worthy of her. That their love is indestructible and not something that comes along every day.

There are three very steamy sexy scenes in this book and the rest is just filler of Cain trying to get Faith back and Faith being confused between her heart and her head. There wasn’t much story beyond that. I thought the ending was pretty funny and caused some laugh out loud moments. Faith’s sisters are protective and hilarious. I loved Honor- she is more of the reserved sister but if you mess with someone in her family she wastes no time in setting things straight.

I would have loved to see a little more of a HEA in this story. I think for all they have been through they deserved it…or at least one kiss ass epilogue. 

★★☆ 3.5 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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About the Author

Sarah O'Rourke is the alter ego of two best friends who have taken their passion for romantic fiction and erotica to the publishing world. Born and raised in the southern United States, one lives near Louisville, KY, while the other resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Neither is ever very far from a tall glass of sweet iced tea, their dog-eared copies of Gone With the Wind, or their Steel Magnolias DVDs!

Formerly an accountant and a chemist, they are now overworked, stay-at-home moms who adore their children, their husbands...and writing about love in every way possible! 

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