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Title: Truth or Dare
Author: A.J. Bennett
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: February 2014
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Luna Alexander has always been a 'free spirit' and lived by her own rules, consequences be damned. With the approach of an anniversary she'd rather forget, Luna starts to wonder if there's more to life than partying and hooking up with hot guys.

A chance meeting with a dark knight knocks her off kilter and has her emotions spinning out of control. 

Will she finally overcome her past for a chance at happiness, or will she hide behind the walls she's built around her?

My Review



What was wrong with this book? I’ll tell you what was wrong. Hunter was way too hot of a character for such a short book. I most definitely did not get my fill of him. My God that man, he is so dominating and freaking sexy as hell. He knows what he wants and nothing is going to stand in his way of getting it. But he’s also sweet and softer than I would have imagined.

A day after meeting Luna and his possessiveness is already showing:

“Don’t try to fight it, Luna, you’re already mine.”

Well Luna is not your average female lead character. She is the definition of Man-Whore only in the female form. She likes one night stands. Someone to lose herself in for the pleasure and someone to make her forget. She doesn’t do commitments or even any type of relationship. She has a tight group of people she hangs around with. One being her twin sister and another being her only friend, Marcus, who just happens to be a guy who is pretty much in love with her.

Luna was hurt by a man she thought she loved, a man she was envisioning a future with. After that she didn’t see the point in opening herself up to anyone. No one has ever evoked feelings from her on an emotional level. It’s always about attraction and sex.

Then one night she while she is out scouting for her next conquest and sets her sights on a drop dead gorgeous guy. There is something about him that has set fire to every nerve in her body and it scares her shitless. What in the hell is she supposed to do with these feelings? She does the one thing she thinks is best and blows him off. His self-preservation instincts kick in and he shoots her an insult or two. Well that gets her attention. Guys don’t usually blow her off she this just imbeds him further into her skin and she finds herself watching for him.

Narrowing her eyes, she scanned the hazy bar to see if he was still around. Where was that fucker? How dare he say she wasn’t that hot. She was hotter than a firecracker on the Fourth of July.

Hunter may keep his distance but he’s never that far out of reach just in case she would need help. There is something about her that he just can’t stay away from. She should be pissed. Should give him a piece of her mind…and she would…if she could find it. That’s the thing about this guy though. He makes her lose every logical thought and when she is around him she completely surrenders to him…mind and body.

A chance meeting the next day Hunter is left to believe it was fate that brought them back together. A connection like theirs cannot be ignored. It’s too hot, too strong and neither of them can fight it for long.

But when feelings get to be too heavy and things really start becoming more emotional than physical, Luna is forced to make the only choice she is comfortable with and pushes him away once again.

What will it take for Hunter to win Luna over and make her see that what they have cannot be ignored? She needs to stop denying what they both already know. 

I was given this book by the author and I thought it sounded good but I was thrown off by the cover and the title. The cover doesn’t really scream “exciting” to me and the title really doesn’t fit this book. But once I started reading it I really liked it. It was very sexy and the chemistry between Hunter and Luna was explosive. But it went way to fast and at the end it just kind of stopped. There wasn’t really much of an ending. I kept trying to turn the page and after several attempts of it not turning I realized I was at 100 percent and the story was over. It would have been so much better if there would have been at least an epilogue…something to really end the story.

Either way, if you are looking for a short sexy read with not too much drama this is your book.

I am giving this book 4 stars and that is based off of a short story without a lot of depth or drama.

Overall as a complete storyline I would probably rate it a little lower just because I was left feeling a little incomplete since there wasn’t much of an ending. Also, it was a pretty simple storyline…not a lot of complications or hurdles to overcome. A very Insta-love kind of story.

★★☆ 4 Stars ☆★★

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson

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About the Author

A.J. Bennett lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and bulldog. She's addicted to coffee, popcorn and books. Becoming an author has been a lifelong dream, and she's extremely excited about her debut novel Now or Never.

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