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*** RELEASE BLITZ, REVIEW, & GIVEAWAY *** Six Years Gone by Jessica Gouin


Title: Six Years Gone
Series: Gone #1
Author: Jessica Gouin
Genre: Contemporary New Adult
Release Date: December 1, 2016


Forget everything you know about happily-ever-afters…

Sawyer, tattooed and rebellious, intended to stay numb until graduation. 
Lachlan, gorgeous and charming, was the master of his charmed life.

He had never been more captivated or terrified.

She never saw him coming. 

Six weeks was all it took to fall in love.

Then he was gone…

Six years later their lives collide again.

Can forgiveness and faith restore what was broken in those years of absence? Or will the dark secrets buried inside one another destroy their second chance at love?

What happens when the one who ruined you is woven into your soul? How can dreams appear to come true only to twist into nightmares?

Though they ache for the happy ending to their fairytale, fate may have something else planned.

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My Review 

Six Years Gone follows Saywer and Lachlan. Turning the tables, Sawyer is the bad girl with tattoos from the wrong side of the tracks while Lachlan is the popular athlete with a cool Aussie accent. Sawyer has not had a easy life but with the help of her older brother and best friend, she's been making the best of her bad situation until she can graduate high school and escape their little town. Then Lachlan invades her life. He's the opposite of everything she is and his friends and family don't let them forget it. But they have a connection even if they have to hide if for a while. Yet just when they think they can overcome all the obstacles in their way, reality comes crashing down and Lachlan has to leave to go back to Australia to take care of his family. With promises to come back, Sawyer is left with only hope and one real reminder of exactly what just left her behind again. Six years go by before they are reunited and not all is how they remember it and time might still be their biggest enemy. 

I am a huge sucker for second chance romances and this was that in spades. I also love that Ms. Gouin changed up the bad boy/good girl troupe but still made them both completely relatable. As the story ramped up in intensity, I was on the edge of my seat and now I NEED book two ASAP. The only part that I felt could have helped me really feel the connection between Saywer and Lachlan was to slow down their jumps in relationship status. The build up was so good and then at a couple points everything sped up a bit fast. Still I really enjoyed this story, their path and can't wait to see where book two Edges of Gone takes us.

Reviewed by Paige

★★☆ 3.5 "Second Chance" Stars ☆★★

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Author Bio

Jessica Gouin hates talking about Jessica Gouin. Especially in the third person. 

I’m a fairly normal person from Windsor, Ontario. I was born here, grew up here, met my hubs here, and had my children here. I really couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. 

More than anything, I love watching my children grow every day. They amuse the hell out of me. I swear they were sent to earth to provide my life with comedic relief. My babies (I say babies, but they’re 5 and 8, still and forever will be babies, am I right?), and my husband, are the reasons why I get up every morning and continue to fight the good fight. 

When I’m not enjoying my mommy-life, I’m writing. Writing is my stress reliever. I go a little mad when I’m not creating an escape path for the characters in my head. I love, love, love to read. I’m a reader first, always have been. I try to branch and read all types of genres, but I always seem to come back to those epic love stories. I’m a sucker for a great kiss. When I need breaks from the literary world, I have a few shows that I watch with the hubs; The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Chicago Fire, and Grey’s Anatomy are my favs. I love rain storms, a good laugh, strong coffee, sleep, and anything with chocolate. I hate mean people, the outdoors, heights.

I genuinely become ecstatic when I receive a like on my Facebook page, or when someone reaches out to say they liked my books. So, thank you for stalking me because I love it!

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