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***RELEASE BLITZ, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY*** Devils Vengeance by Nina Levine


The highly anticipated third book from Nina Levine’s Sydney Storm MC is available now!! Are you ready to meet the flirty & dirty biker called Devil?

The Sydney Storm MC are back and war is coming. Dating the sister of a friend is a bad move, but falling for the sister of your club’s greatest ally is the absolute worst move. Especially when he makes it clear he doesn’t want a biker anywhere near her. This story contains all the panty-melting sexiness and alpha goodness that Nina Levine books are known for. This series is best read in order. BUY NOW

Here’s a taste of Devil & Hailee 

I decided to be completely up-front with my thoughts. “Are you just after sex here? I mean, if you are, I’m on board with that, but I’d rather know going in what this is rather than thinking it could be more when that’s not what you’re thinking.” He smiled harder and leant forward so he could kiss me. His lips on mine blazed a line of hunger along my skin. Every inch of me wanted more. And he didn’t disappoint. Parting my lips, he deepened the kiss, his tongue searching for mine. He took my face in his hands, and his body slid across the lounge towards mine until we were touching. I wanted to crawl into his lap and never let him end this kiss. I wanted to rip his shirt off and put my hands all over his body. God, I wanted to do so many dirty things to him—things I’d never done to another man, but had dreamt of. “Darlin’,” he rasped, pulling his mouth from mine, which made me want to cry out my disappointment. “We need to stop this now or else I’m not gonna be able to stop. I’d happily fuck you on this lounge if it’s what you wanted, but I doubt it is.” I took hold of his face. “I need your lips on mine for at least another five minutes, and if you can’t control yourself, that’s on you.” My words came out on a huff of bossy breathlessness, because that’s what a kiss from Devil did to me. I could only imagine what sleeping with him would do. Hell, he might cause me to stop breathing all together. His eyes widened a fraction before he grinned. “Jesus, you’re something else, woman.” And then he gave me what I wanted. And I knew what his answer would be about whether this was just sex or not. This was never going to just be about sex.
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This whole series goes from strength to strength!

I can't even hide the fan girl in me I'm gonna go hardcore on this one!

This is Devil's story.  Devil has always been the fun flirty member of Storm.  Not really taking much but club business seriously.  He meets Hailee who is protesting against Greyhound racing.  He takes her in from afar but see's she may be in danger and he steps in to rescue her.  From the moment they meet he knows there's something different about her.  He was more interested in what she had to say than wanting to get inside her.  Hailee is a true good soul.  She makes it her mission to care for others be it human or animal.  Her life is filled with demonstrations and helping people.  When she meets Devil he calls to her on so many levels.  She knows she should avoid the bad boy biker after her previous experiences but the more she gets to know him the more she sees the good in him.  He makes her feel like she is the most precious thing on the planet.  No one has ever made her feel that before and she can't resist.

Storm are being targeted by an unknown person who is trying to cut them out of business, they also have old enemies to take care of as well and the feds.  They need to figure out where the next attack is coming from.  Families are at risk and betrayal if rife.

Well... it's all going down!! What a ride!

I'll start first with the club stuff going on.  One of my favorite things about this series is the way in each book the club story unfolds.  It runs right the way through all the books.  Storm have stayed low for a while because they know the feds are watching but when trouble comes knocking on that Clubhouse door you can be certain Storm will answer!! There's quite a bit going on in here and one problem gets dealt with but I'm dying to find out about the rest! Will they finally take out Gambarro.  What's with this new enemy?  Where's he come from?  What did Dragon mean?? Sooo many questions!! But i love it!!! Highs and lows.  Victories and losses.  Brilliant, brilliant continuing story-lines.

Now onto my man.  Jesus wept and sang hallelujah!!! He's so freaking hot i can't stand it!  He could charm the pants off a nun! Devil loves to talk in his woman's ear and i kid you not, every time, not just once but every single bloody time he spoke in Hailee's ear i shivered... SHIVERED i tell ya!! *fan's self* he's just so... i mean... goddamn!! that man is hot.  He's charming and cocky and knows his way around a girl.  Yuh huh all the way around!! Hailee's a lucky lucky fictional character to live out her days with him!

Hailee is also wonderful.  I say this through gritted teeth cause hell i wanna be her!  She's a perfect blend of good and wholesome with a mix of dirty talking and sass to make her your best friend.  She's so perfect for Devil as she gives him back as much as he gives.  Often butting heads in the best way these two have flanter (flirting & banter) down to a tee!

Now Grandma Jean... I love her! Dirty talking and straight to the point she's an amazing character who takes no messing.  She almost stole the show!  

I loved every single aspect of the story-line.  Gripped from start to end.  Fantastic pace that makes me want Hyde's book like yesterday! quick-smart!

Highly highly recommend this story.  Highly recommend this series.  Highly recommend anything this author want's to pen.  FANGIRL ALERT!! I'm hooked.

 Review by Kerry

★★☆ 5 "Shivering" Stars ☆★★

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