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*** BLOG TOUR, EXCPERT & GIVEAWAY *** Expect the Unexpected by L.M. Heidle


Expect the Unexpected
by L.M. Heidle 
Publication Date: November 4, 2016 
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance


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I’d learned early that life was unpredictable. For some that made them stronger, but others it made them weaker. I was somewhere in the middle, teetering on the invisible line. Until I met him, and he shoved me off. I couldn’t explain why I wanted her. I just knew she’d be mine, regardless of her past and mine. Even when they crossed in a way I could ‘t have predicted, my need for her never wavered. If you can hold on through the rain you’ll learn some of the best moments in life are . . . unexpected. 
***This is a college romance with a slight twist. 


I laughed until my side hurt. His hair was matted to his head, and his shirt stuck to his chest. The shirt wasn’t exactly a bad thing because it showed his amazing abs. His face was drawn tight like he was in pain. That I felt a little bad about, but overall it was pretty funny and a little irritating. I’d been a hot mess after that run, so bad I’d probably scared small children. Him, on the other hand… You could definitely tell he’d worked out, but he still looked like a model for athletic gear.

About L.M. Heidle

I’ve spent most of my life in one part or another of Missouri, but I’ve also had the privilege of living in Texas and Georgia. I’ve been married to my husband for ten years. We have two beautiful boys, three snakes, and a Rat Terrier, so basically it’s a full house. When I’m not writing I love to spend time with my family, read, and listen to music (mostly country). I also love watching Bones, Criminal Minds, and NCIS.


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