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*** BLOG TOUR & REVIEW *** Full Tilt by Emma Scott

~✯Full Tilt✯~
By Emma Scott
"I would love you forever, if I only had the chance..."

Emma Scott full tilt


Kacey Dawson has always lived life on the edge--impulsively, sometimes recklessly. And now, as lead guitarist for a hot up-and-coming band, she is poised at the brink of fame and fortune. But she is torn between wanting to be a serious musician, and the demons that lure her down the glittering, but alcohol-soaked path of rock stardom. A wrecked concert in Las Vegas threatens to ruin her career entirely. She wakes up with the hangover from hell and no memory of the night before, or how she ended up on her limo driver’s couch... Jonah Fletcher is running out of time. He knows his situation is hopeless, and he's vowed to make the most of the handful of months he has left to him. His plans include seeing the opening of his glass installation at a prestigious art gallery…they do not include falling in love with a wild, tempestuous rock musician who wound up passed out on his couch. Jonah sees that Kacey is on a path to self-destruction. He lets her crash with him for a few days to dry out and get her head on straight. But neither of them expected the deep connection they felt, or how that connection could grow so fast from friendship into something more. Something deep and pure and life-changing…something as fragile as glass, that they both know will shatter in the end no matter how hard they try to hold on to it. Full Tilt is a story about what it means to love with your whole heart, to sacrifice, to experience terrible grief and soaring joy. To live life with all its beauty, and all its pain, and in the end to be able to smile through tears and know you wouldn’t have changed a thing.  

All In (Full Tilt #2) forthcoming... #nocliffhanger #nocancer #tearjerker 

My Review 

Best book I've read this year. Hands down. 

Emma Scott has secured her place as one of my favorite authors with Full Tilt. I have mad love for everything I've read by her (which is all her books except 1 because not enough hours in the day). Honestly I wasn't sure that anyone would ever top Noah in RUSH. Yet Jonah nudged him out of the way and took center spot. Not by a lot, mind you, because Noah will always be one of my favorites, but Jonah is special. What Kacey and Jonah have is magical. And the truth in this story is exceptional. 

Full Tilt is a story about the power of love. A love that is so ingrained and so inescapable that time holds no real meaning. It's a story about overcoming those parts of ourselves that seem impossible. It's about holding the universe in your hand and not being scared by just how vast and terrifyingly formidable it is because you know you're exactly where you're supposed to be. Jonah and Kacey do not have an easy road but their journey is so worth it. 

Kacey is a troubled up and coming guitar and backup singer in a band. Selling out show after show should mean that everything is gold but that's about as far from the truth as it gets. Kacey is hurting and trying to cover that hurt with alcohol and men. Yet the morning always comes and it's never bright and shiny until she wakes up on her limo driver's couch. That morning changes the rest of her life.

Not long ago Jonah suffered a serious infection that left him in dire need of a heart transplant. Yet just when things should be looking up, reality comes crashing in with a diagnosis that would take the shine out of the happiest person. Yet Jonah perseveres. When he puts his mind to something, he makes it happen. Being an glass blowing artist gives him something to reach for. Yet when he gets an unexpected house guest, his carefully crafted world starts cracking all around him. And he loves it and even longs for it though it's most definitely scary. 

As Jonah and Kacey go from strangers, to friends, to way more than that, their reality is glaring and yet they never let that stop them. With flawless writing, perfect characterizations and the most honest relationship build I've read in a long while, Jonah and Kacey's universe explodes with truth and love that colors the whole story. Their passion and devotion was breathtakingly beautiful, powerfully emotional and incredibly poignant. 

While this isn't an easy story to read, most of it was cute and witty and even made me laugh. Even with such serious subject matter, Ms. Scott created a world I loved getting lost in. Not only did I enjoy Kacey and Jonah, but Jonah's brother Theo has me asking all kinds of questions that I cannot wait to get answer to in book 2. And yes, I did cry (and I am not a crier). I cried the UGLY cry. Like real ugly. Like for the rest of the day I kind of had a crying hangover kind of ugly cry. But it was SO worth it. It's hard to explain but this was not a sad book. It wasn't a depressing book. Not at all. Emma was able to write an ending like that and yet she infused it with so much hope and a palpable feeling of everything-is-right-in-the-universe which is a testament to her skill as a writer and her dedication to her characters. While I'm anxiously waiting for October and the second part of this duet, I am perfectly content with this story just the way it is.

Reviewed by Paige 

★★☆ 5+++ "Full Heart" Stars ☆★★ 

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