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New Release, Review and Giveaway; Worth The Fight by Vi Keeland


Title: Worth The Fight
Author: Vi Keeland
Genre: Adult audiences 18+
Publication Date: October 3, 2013

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It didn’t matter that the ref called it a clean hit. Nico Hunter would never be the same. 

Elle has a good life. A job she loves, a great apartment, and the guy she’s been dating for more than two years is a catch and a half. But it’s boring…and she strives to keep it that way. Too many emotions are dangerous. Her own past is living proof of what can happen when you lose control.

Then Nico walks into Elle’s office and everything changes…for both of them. But what can the tattooed, hard-bodied MMA fighter and the beautiful and always steady attorney have in common? A lot more than they bargained for.

My Review 

Let me just start off and say.. I freaking Loved this!
Vi has given us an awesome story that kept me hooked from the first moment I met Nico…..

Elle is going through the motions of life, living the good life yet still finds herself bored.
The guy she has been seeing for the last 2 years can't even excite her anymore.
Not sure where her life is going, Elle feels disconnected.

I'm a character in my story, going throughout the chapters of my life as if it was written by an imaginary person, when I should be the Author.

When she meets Nico, something changes. She feels like her life has come alive. Something about his eyes seems familiar. The undeniable chemistry between the two is first indication that they could be something great.

Nico is struggling with a past that covers him in guilt. He is fighting his demons, but Elle comes into his life and finally he can see light again.

When Nico tries to take back what he has lost, he finds himself not ready an in turn pushes Elle away, thinking that she could never understand.

"Elle, run while you have the chance. You can't fix me. I'm not some project for you to take on like charity. You're better off with someone who is more like you."

But Elle holds a dark secret that changes the whole game, will Nico let her in enough to see that she is Worth the Fight?

I don't know how or why, but I'm as certain of it as I've ever been of anything in my life. I'm in love with this man, and the realisation doesn't even scare me.

Worth The Fight is one of those books that just have to be read with no spoilers.
Don't get me wrong I want to tell you all about, tell you all the amazing lines I had highlighted in my Kindle. But the small pieces that you learn along the way, that give you a little more each time, is what keeps you hooked. You will definitely want to read this!

I loved Nico! Love him. He was Hard and Soft, Sexy and Sweet. I couldn't get enough of him.

"I've wanted to come inside of you so badly it hurts. Feel that clenching little pussy slide up and down my bare cock. I need in. Now."

The sexy times were SMOKING HOT!!!!!!

Their connection is done perfectly. It's not forced. While reading I felt it was so much more relatable as they have a certain maturity to them. I loved that!

He responds to my declaration with a kiss. Calling it a kiss just doesn't seem like enough, it's so much more. But there's no name for two people becoming so entangled in each other that they get lost. For wanting someone so badly that your body trembles waiting for more. So much more.

This is my second Vi Keeland read and she doesn't disappoint. Her writing hits the mark, and leaves you craving for more.
I Loved every second of this and really really really can't wait to see what's next!

4.5 Stars

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