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***RELEASE BLITZ*** Brash by JC Valentine


by J.C. Valentine Spartan Riders, #4 Publication Date: October 19, 2017 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, MC Romance, Bikers, Standalone


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USA Today and International bestselling author J.C. Valentine is back with the latest in her captivating, enigmatic, and rousing world of the Spartan Riders MC…
She has a secret she’s desperate to keep…
With danger looming on the horizon, former FBI agent turned bunny, Bambi Lane, isn’t taking any chances. Taking refuge in a nearby town, she builds a new and comfortable life under the radar, but when trouble comes knocking on her door, she finds that the one thing she’s worked so hard to protect is about to be exposed.
He has a desire that won’t be denied.
Curtis “Taco” Nash, the Spartan’s road captain, has always marched to the beat of his own drum, his only loyalty to that of his brothers and the club. Only one person has ever successfully clawed their way under Curtis Nash’s skin, and when she disappeared from his life without so much as a goodbye, he wrote her off—at least, he tried to. One mention of the one who got away, and he’s consumed with desire—and anger. He wants answers. He wants her. He’s about to get a lot more than he bargained for.
As the war between the cartel and the Spartans heats up, Taco has to decide if he’s going to protect his brothers or the new life that’s waiting for him. When everything hangs in the balance, one thing is clear: No one is safe. Will Bambi and Taco be able to come together and find the strength to take a leap of faith before time runs out?


  Honestly loving this series!!!

This is Taco and Bambi's story.  We got little glimpses of what was going on between them in the last book.  Taco had been sneaking around to meet up with Bambi.  She'd been kicked out of the club after she had been found out as an FBI Agent and she went a little psycho on Talia over Country.

Bambi left the FBI but just when things with Taco were going well she had to run.  The club were attracting more and more trouble from Cruiz and her men wanting to take over Spartan territory.  The circumstances had changed and she had to leave.  Fearing what Taco would do she left without a word.

What a rush!!! I love the way JC Valentine writes.  This whole series is like one huge book!  Told from multiple points of views you get bits of the last books storyline, you get all the current and then you get little hints of future ones! GAH I love it!! It's a very unique way of writing and i'm really enjoying it.

This story kept me on my toes from the start.  I had an idea why Bambi ran but i still needed to know why and where.  The pace was perfect, the storyline was exciting and thrilling and I found i  couldn't put it down until i finished and now i'm greedy for more.  Bring on Moose!!!

Taco made me fall for him big time.  He might not be big and burly like the others but he has allllllll the words!!!! When he spoke i listened with a swoon! His attitude and willingness to forgive made me weak at the knee's he's just so sweet and sexy with an underlying alpha bada.. thrown in!

Bambi had to work a little for me to be honest.  I didn't really warm up to her at first because of her actions with Talia, but by the end i'm really happy she eventually found the right guy for her.  I fully understood her reasons for running and i think this is probably what turned my point of view round on her.  I also loved how she loved Taco so she finally won me.

I love seeing all the Spartan Brothers and am really excited for Ginger and Repo!! Wooo Hoooo!!! then i'm really worries for Talia and Country! oh noooo! Blissfully happy for Quick and Gabby! and Soooo looking forward to Moose and Angel.  I think Moose may be a dark horse i can't wait to find out about him! I am also really intrigued about the baddies too.  Manuel has piqued my curiosity.  What is he up to?

Bring on the next one! Absolutely loving this series!

5 Spartan Loving Stars!
Reviewed by Kerry


Who the fuck was this douche canoe? Taco had been sitting outside the little ranch-style house with the ugly box hedges and stone and weed planter boxes debating what to say once he saw Bambi when Khaki Man came strolling up the walkway.
At first, Taco thought he was a salesman, but it became quickly obvious that he was there for something more personal. Maybe it was the grocery store flowers and the bag of goodies that tipped him off. Taco was observant like that.
Douche canoe must be the new boyfriend, he thought with disdain as he watched him barter, and knowing Bambi, he had been certain the next course of action would be seeing Mr. Khaki do the walk of shame.
But she’d welcomed the fucker inside.
That had made Taco’s blood boil. He didn’t like the idea of her with another man, and he sure as shit didn’t like seeing another man with her. That he was in her house at all sent Taco’s thoughts spiraling down into a dark place.
He had to exercise every ounce of patience to make himself stay planted in his car, a newly rebuilt IROC. He’d figured it would be better to roll up in a car than on a motorcycle, especially if she had a kid. Made him look more responsible.
Shit, why did he even care what she thought? It wasn’t as if she was waiting around for him, pining away. She had a fucking man in her house, and he was the one sitting outside like a damn stalker.
Taco had his hand on the key, about to start the car and get the hell out of there, when Khakis came strolling out carrying a car seat in one hand and a baby in the other. Bambi was hot on his ass, and she was glowing.
She was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a pink, V-neck T-shirt that showed off a lot more cleavage than he remembered her having. Taco looked her over a little closer, noting that her hips seems a little rounder, her stomach a little softer, and her thighs a little heavier.
Damn, she looked good. She’d always been sexy, but now she was…hotter. Sexier.
“Shit,” Taco hissed. No way was she just babysitting that kid. All those new curves? Those were from pregnancy. She’d run off to have a fucking baby.
The question now was, whose kid was it, his or Mr. Rogers?


J.C. Valentine is the USA Today and International bestselling author of the Night Calls and Wayward Fighters Series and the Forbidden Trilogy. Her vivid imagination and love of words and romance had her penning her own romance stories from an early age, which, despite being poorly edited and written longhand, she forced friends and family members to read. No, she isn’t sorry.
Living in the Northwest, she has three amazing children and far too many pets. Among the many hats she wears, J.C. is an entrepreneur. Having graduated with honors, she holds a Bachelor’s in English and when she isn’t writing, you can find her editing for fellow authors.
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