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***RELEASE DAY BLITZ, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY*** Get Off on the Pain by Victoria Ashley


Title: Get Off on the Pain
Author: Victoria Ashley
Release Date: February 2, 2015
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Sexy, tattooed and inevitably dangerous. Memphis is all that and more… I live for the pain; it’s what drives me to keep moving. But there comes a time when one has to push the demons aside in order to survive. I thought I buried them deep. I thought I was ready to finally live. Until… my brother, Alex; he throws me into the fire—right into the place I could never control myself, the one place I never want to be again. When I put my hands on people, they get hurt. Things happen that bring me back to that night. The one that will forever torment me. I’m doing fine, keeping to myself in order to ensure no one gets hurt by me. Then along comes Lyric, and all I want to do is touch her, to put my hands in places that I know will only lead to her being crushed by me. She’s the rush that I crave. The darkest of poison running through my veins, killing me bit by bit; like a drug I can’t get enough of even though I’m almost down to my last breath. And being around her only hurts more, but what she doesn’t understand is that I welcome the pain; I get off on it, which in the end leaves me with the hardest decision of my life—one that might get us all killed…

My Review

“I don’t know how to be gentle,” he whispers. “I can’t.”

Ohhhhh Memphis… YES!

…if you’re looking for a super-hot fighter romance- then look no further!  Memphis Carter has arrived!  Memphis raw and dangerous.  Fighting is in his blood but it is also the one thing that has taken everything away from him.  Six years ago, Memphis Carter fought a battle that costs him to lose everything he has ever loved. 

Once you start feeling—the pain never stops.  Physical pain I can deal with, but emotionally, I cut myself off a long time ago…and being around Lyric makes me feel things I haven’t felt in a long time.  Hope., need, desire, and selfishness.  My need to be selfish with her and have her all to myself is too grate to ignore.

It’s been six years since he has been home. Six years since he has seen his family and his friends. It’s the last place he wants to be but he has returned for one goal- to get his brother and then disappear.  Memphis and Alex haven’t spoken in years but Memphis will stop at nothing to give his brother back the life he deserves. 

What he didn’t count on was Lyric!  OMG Lyric!  I think I may have a tiny little girl crush on her.  I floved her hard!  She is strong and sassy and a fighter.  She doesn’t back down. She has a heart of gold and yet will throw punches (or drinks) when it comes to those she cares about. 

I don’t want this moment to stop.  I want him to keep going. I know I’ve only known him for a little over a week, but I can’t help but to want him inside me, filling me and controlling me.  I want this man, all of him.

Let me gush a moment on the name…or should I say names.  I mean “Memphis and Lyric”…hellllooo! Most awesome couple name EVER!  Oh, and did I mention that Memphis plays a guitar!  Yes, a brooding man with few words and full of anger plays soft toned music sitting on his back porch for those he loves.  I mean you might as well just remove your panties before you even start this book!  He is that deliciously hot!

“You like that?” He looks into my eyes and starts rubbing his hand over his cock as it starts to harden inside his jeans. “If you want me to touch myself…” He looks at my bottom lip as it trembles. “Then just say so. I told you I’d do anything you asked.”

Lyric is warned away from Memphis from pretty much everyone in town- even him but one thing about Lyric is she doesn’t back down.  She doesn’t listen to what others say- she will judge for herself and that’s exactly what she does with Memphis. She sees the devoted brother he is and the strong protector he becomes when danger gets too close.  She knows there is more to Memphis’ story but he refused to let her in. 

My heart constricts from this tiny kiss alone.  It was a gentle, caring gesture…the one thing he said he was incapable of, but he just was.

“Touching you silences the demons more than the blow of my fists ever could.  You are the peace that is going to save me; the one thing that keeps me breathing.”

He doesn’t’ want to taint her with his evil and beyond that, he knows that once she finds out who he really is- that she will leave and he isn’t ready to let her go just yet.  He knows he won’t be sticking around but he wants to hold onto the little bit of good he has while Lyric is around for as long as possible- even though he knows it will fuck them both in the end. 

“Stay.” He runs his hand up my arm, his nostrils flared, and his body tense.  “I can’t promise I’ll make it through the night without wanting you to leave, but right now I want you here.  You can stay or go.”  I don’t even have to think about it.  This man is full of passion.  He may try his hardest to push people away, but even that he does with passion.  I don’t  know what will come of tomorrow but for tonight…I want to be right here, in his bed, and next to him.

Favorite Lines: 

Having her close to me is like a fucking drug easing my pain slowly, and brining me back to the present.  All I want is to keep her near and…to live.  She makes me want hope, something I haven’t wanted or felt in a while, a long while.
 “You’ve already captured one of my passions.” He licks his bottom lip before biting it.  “You might as well capture them all, Lyric. I just hope you can handle them.”
“Is this what you wanted? You want me to lose control with you?”
I feel myself blush as Memphis walks toward me and slowly pulls the blanket down my body, before removing the lens cap on my camera.  “Fuck. The things I’m going to do to you.” Holy Shit.
“You like screaming for me?” He backs out and slams into me when I don’t answer.  “You want me to fuck you like I want to? I’m trying my best to hold back, but I want to own your pussy, Lyric. I want you to take every…” He licks my ear before biting it and whispering, “inch of me.”
“Just let me do something right for once.” I feel my heart shatter from the pain in his voice as I snuggle into him and close my eyes.  I don’t say a word.  I don’t want to ruin this moment.  It’s not very often that this man is gentle.
“I love having you inside me, Memphis. Take it out on me.  I want to feel you.”  I pause for a second from her words, before I thrust in deep and hard, but then stop.  “I want you to fucking feel me, to trust me…and to never forget.”


***** 5 Swooning for Memphis Stars*****

Reviewed by Alissa Evanson


 Ever since she came into my life, standing there behind me on the porch that day, I knew she would be hard to forget. From her messy, caramel hair and pouty lips, to the fire in her big, green eyes, I knew she was going to test me unlike anyone else ever has. I could tell she was a fighter just like me. The only thing I need right now is to get out of my head and away from the woman beside me. “Go inside, Lyric. I’ll wait here until you get in.” She looks over at me from the passenger seat, one hand on the door handle. She’s not letting me go so easily. I can see it in her expression. “You’re not going home?” I turn away and look straight ahead, refusing to look at her. If I do – I’ll cave in. I’ve already done that enough with her. It needs to stop. “No. I can’t be there right now. You really don’t need to worry about it. Now go. Goodnight.” She takes her hand off the handle and pulls her seatbelt back on. “Good, because I don’t feel like going home either.” She nods her head toward the road. “Let’s go.” “No,” I say firmly. “Just go inside.” “Why not? What is the big deal? What is so wrong with taking me along and getting to know me? I’m not asking you for anything other than company. It’s a big fucking world and it sucks being in it alone.” I let out a slow, deep breath and finally look over at her. She needs to see that I’m a fucking monster. I ruin lives and it will be no different with her. “Because I don’t want you around me when I’m drinking. I’m working hard here to keep my fucking hands off you. If I get fucked out of my mind… I’m going to want to fuck you and once I fuck you, the game changes. You don’t want that. Trust me.” She nervously runs her hands through her hair and looks at my lips, swallowing. “You don’t know shit about what I want. Maybe I’m not as innocent as you think. Now can we go? It doesn’t look like Bailey is home anyways. I don’t feel like sitting home alone.” She always does this to me. I don’t get why she is so hard to get rid of. She’s pushing me and I can only hold off for so long before I fuck her senseless and pull her into my dark world; a place she doesn’t belong. “Just keep your distance from me. If your friends are there then you hang out with them. Okay?” I look over at her when she doesn’t respond. “Okay, Lyric? I need you to understand and stay away? Say it.” She looks up at me with fire in her eyes. She’s not happy with being told what to do. Another thing I like about her. Well fuck me. “Fine. I get it. Let’s just go,” she says stiffly.


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. Victoria Ashley grew up in Rockford, IL and has had a passion for reading for as long as she can remember. After finding a reading app where it allowed readers to upload their own stories, she gave it a shot and writing became her passion. She lives for a good romance book with bad boys that are just highly misunderstood and is not afraid to be caught crying during a good read. When she's not reading or writing about bad boys, you can find her watching her favorite shows such as Sons Of Anarchy, Dexter and True Blood. She is the author of Wake Up Call, This Regret, Slade (Walk Of Shame #1), Hemy (Walk of Shame #2), and Get Off on the Pain. Victoria is currently working on more novels for 2015.

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